The instant a catastrophic injury occurs, everything changes, not just for the victim. Sometimes the suffering of their family and other loved ones is overlooked. A Catastrophic Injury lawyer helps victims of extensive, life-altering injuries get the compensation they deserve.

Finding the right attorney to protect your rights and win that compensation is difficult when you or a loved one is injured. When those injuries are catastrophic, finding the lawyer who protect your interests is even more critical. Yet choosing the right catastrophic injury lawyer early is crucial because there are several actions they need to perform quickly.

catastrophic injury lawyer

catastrophic injury lawyer

One of the first steps is to make sure the victim has received needed medical attention. Immediately following the medical attention, is the need to collect the facts and witnesses of the injurious event to determine options. Establishing the case viability involves determination of the legally accountable party. An experienced catastrophic injury lawyer can separate the relevant information from non-essential accounts.

A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Exposes the Accountable Party

Owner of Poorly Maintained Property

When someone has suffered a personal injury, a catastrophic injury lawyer will analyze the cause of the injury. For instance, was the property where the injury was sustained poorly maintained?  Because it’s summer, pool areas have become common sources of injuries. If you fell near a homeowner’s pool because the area was slick with water, they may be liable. This is especially true if they invited you to their home. Without anti-slip strips or pool mats to prevent slips and falls, the homeowner could be accountable for any resulting falls.

Work Injury

Another place common to injuries is the workplace. Employers will need to answer to serious accidents especially when training, safety protocols and equipment are inadequate for the work. If you suffered a personal injury at work, your catastrophic injury lawyer will look at the circumstances.

Responsible Driver in Vehicle Accident

Especially during summer, driving while distracted (DWD) is common factor in vehicular accidents. According to the CDC, in 2019, “over 3,100 people were killed and about 424,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver” in the United States. If this behavior by another driver resulted in severe injury to you, or someone you love, call Attorney Keith Anthony. He is driven to win the compensation you deserve from the accountable party.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Uncovers Injury Facts

Root cause analysis is a structured process that identifies underlying factors and causes of an adverse event. Attorneys may use this process as their investigations uncover a timeline that leads up to a catastrophic injury event. Experience is critical to this process, and attorneys like Keith Anthony are quick to recognize significant events throughout the investigation.

Pursue Settlements to Cover the Lifelong Physical and Emotional Injury Impact

A catastrophic injury can refer to any injury where a person or part of a person is lost. This can refer to amputation, broken bones, organ damage, spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries or even loss of life. The definition of a catastrophic injury can be broad, making it crucial to speak with a catastrophic injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Once hired, a catastrophic injury attorney will work to secure compensation to cover needed hospital stays, medical treatments and rehabilitation. Additionally, your lawyer will pursue lost past wages and future wages since your injury prevents work. Just as critical to many who suffered a catastrophic injury, is compensation for emotional pain and suffering.

Attorney Keith Anthony

For a catastrophic injury, you need an attorney who will tell it to you straight, who cares, who is driven to help people in a fair way. Attorney Keith Anthony is a former marine, with a strong work ethic, experience and drive. Protect yourself with a top accident lawyer in Connecticut.

Please note: This article is for general information purposes only and is not meant to be construed as legal advice. Only an attorney licensed in your state can offer you legal advice, and only after talking with you and gathering specific information about your situation. If, after reading the general information in this article, you think that you need legal assistance, please contact a lawyer in your area for legal advice.