What you do immediately following an accident will affect the outcome of  any personal injury compensation. Following any accident, no one wants to think about a possible claim. Victims are overwhelmed with worry about medical treatment, property or vehicle damage, or lost work. With that said, here’s what you need to know about personal injury.

what you need to know about personal injury

What you need to know about personal injury.

1. Time is of the Essence

In legal speak, when time is limited, attorneys use the phrase “time is of the essence” to remind you of deadlines. If a personal injury lawsuit must be filed, Connecticut requires it to be filed within two years from the date the injury was sustained or discovered. More importantly, the sooner you call  your attorney, the better your case’s outcome is likely to be. That’s one reason we mention the first call AFTER seeking medical attention, should be your personal injury attorney, Keith Anthony.

2. Don’t Discuss or Sign Anything Before Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney

Discussing anything with the insurance company, or even with law enforcement can affect the outcome of your personal injury case. Realize that after an accident, you’re unlikely to be thinking as clearly as you usually do. Since preserving the case is critical until or unless you decide not to pursue, consult your  attorney quickly. Because signing anything can impact your case, it’s essential to call Attorney Keith Anthony before you talk or sign.

3. Calling a Personal Injury Attorney Doesn’t Always Cost Money

Calling Attorney Keith Anthony doesn’t cost anything up front. We know that clients don’t have a lot of money when their medical expenses are piling up. That’s why Attorney Keith Anthony  works on a contingency basis in personal injury cases.  Until you get paid compensation, he doesn’t get paid for his work. Get the information you need with your free consultation call. You have nothing to lose, by making that first call, but it could change your entire case. Attorney Anthony is knowledgeable, experienced, and driven to get his personal injury clients fair compensation.


4. People with Attorneys Recover More Compensation

Generally, people represented by a personal injury attorney recover more than those who represent themselves. That is because a personal injury attorney understands how to place a value on a claim, and what brings about a favorable settlement.

5. Working with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Matters

Attorney Keith Anthony is experienced in personal injury cases. That experience guides him to better assess cases and help you understand potential timelines and outcomes.


6. Eagerness isn’t Rewarded in Broad Compensation Cases

Personal injury compensation can be extensive, since it can include future expenses and lost wages. Insurance settlement offers aren’t always fair. Insurance Companies know victims are eager to move on with their life. It motivates them to move claim cases slowly, causing many victims to give up and take a low settlement. Remember, taking the time to build your case properly and holding out for the right compensation is essential to a more extensive compensation. Talk to your attorney about your concerns, for a better understanding of your case issues and timelines.


7. Personal Injury Cases can be Settled out of Court or Ruled on in a trial

A settlement is an agreement between the plaintiff and defendant as to the amount and terms of compensation the plaintiff will receive. A verdict is a court ruling, a decision by a judge or jury based on court proceedings. Even if the defendant doesn’t reach a settlement with your attorney, court offers a realistic alternative to recover fair compensation. A jury can, and often does, award a more significant compensation amount than the pretrial offer.


8. Your Medical History and Private Life Are Fair Game

If it might be pertinent to the current case, it can be dredged up when the defendant investigates you.  Some past events or behaviors can damage your claim, such as frequently filed and dismissed personal injury claims. Prior injuries raise the question of whether your current injuries are preexisting or are the result of the recent accident.  Rest assured the defendant will try to use personal information to reduce your compensation. You can help your attorney be better prepared by telling them anything that could affect your case.


9. Every Case is Different

Modern technology brings new legal challenges, such as dashcam footage, surveillance video, traffic cameras and more. The circumstances of the accident itself, vary widely. In the end, only by gathering all of the facts pertinent to your case can your attorney build your case well, or give you an idea of its potential. Remember that every case is different, and personal injury law constantly updates.


10. Stay Motivated to Win

Some cases take time to settle. If the case settles out of court, the compensation could occur sooner than if it must go through a trial. Even if the case goes to trial, it is important to stay positive and engaged until fair compensation is won.

Please note:

This article is for general information purposes only and is not meant to be construed as legal advice. Only an attorney licensed in your state can offer you legal advice, and only after talking with you and gathering specific information about your situation. If, after reading the general information in this article, you think that you need legal assistance, please contact a lawyer in your area.