A basic child support payment is meant to cover just that- the basics. This usually includes things like shelter, food, and clothes.

So What Doesn’t Child Support Cover?

In addition to the basic child support payment, the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines actually provide a formula for parents to share the costs related to uninsured or unreimbursed medical expenses and work-related daycare expenses.

However for many families, the costs of raising children exceed just these basics.  Unfortunately the support under the Child Support Guidelines doesn’t include the “extra” things like sports, extracurricular activities, summer camps, private school tuition, school supplies, sports equipment, computers, cell phones, tutors, SAT prep, college application fees, or just occasional pocket money.

How Do Parents Handle All the Expenses Child Support Doesn’t Cover?

Many parents try to address all these costs, or come up with a way to share these costs.  Oftentimes this can be a successful exchange with the parents reaching a child support agreement thru negotiation in litigation. Mediation and collaborative divorce also allow for creative solutions and plans to make sure that children’s needs are met.

However there are instances where parents are unable to come to an agreement over what should be covered by each party. This is where things can get sticky and if you find yourself in this situation reach out to the Law Offices of Keith Anthony today.

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