After an accident, people suffer from pain, immobility and exhaustion as they struggle to recover from your injuries and treatment.  You might even be sleepless from worry over the medical bills before they even arrive at your door.  It is a vulnerable time, and the insurance companies know it.  They may even approach with low offers before you even know the extent of the damages.  If their low offer isn’t accepted, they try to drag out the settlement.  Many victims, don’t know the answer to “what should I do after an accident”.  Instead, they give in and accept any offer just to get money for the bills.

In Groton CT, after a car accident, people know to go to the attorney who will tell it to you straight.  Attorney Keith Anthony is driven to help people in a fair way when others won’t.  Through representation of numerous types of personal injury victims like you, he can make sure those victims aren’t mistreated.  Until he wins the case, attorney Anthony doesn’t charge fees.  That’s one less worry for injured parties who are inundated with medical bills and struggling to get back to work.  When you can’t even get out of bed, you sure can’t go to work.  How will you pay the bills?

People Ask:  “What Should I Do After an Accident?”  The Following Are Steps to Take Immediately After an Accident.

Seek Medical Attention

You need to go to an emergency room and get checked out after an accident.  Until your injuries are cared for, you could be in danger.  Nothing else is more important than to get the medical care you need.  Once you have an idea of the urgency of your medical state you can made other decisions.

Get a Record of the Scene and Witnesses

If you are not in pain and are not immediately taken to the emergency room, take a moment to snap photos of the accident scene.  You might want to refer to these later. If there is an eyewitness there, ask for their contact information.  Both of these actions can be used by your insurance company and/or your attorney if you need to pursue a claim later.

Watch Your Words

You might be distracted after an accident, but anything you say to the police or others might be held against you later.  Don’t say something to be polite, just stay calm, and take your time remembering the events as they happened.  You may not want to pursue a case in the beginning, but as expenses mount, the other insurance company may try to avoid paying you.  Your attorney can help you know when you need to protect yourself.

The answer to “What should I do after an accident?” is to get medical care.  After that primary concern is handled, you should get a record of the event, be cautious of what you say and check with an attorney whether you need to pursue a case.

How Do I know if I have a Case?

The answer to this question can be complicated, and doesn’t have to be decided on your own.  Personal injury attorneys help clients make this decision in a free consultation.  This is the opportunity to share the details of your situation in a protected setting, so you can learn your best options.  Your attorney will go over with you how viable your case is, whether you can or should sue.  In this consultation your attorney is likely to advise you on your recovery likelihood as well as whether you have the right to pursue compensation.  It is important to consult an attorney quickly, since there is a limited amount of time to pursue compensation for injuries sustained from someone else’s action or inaction.  The initial consultation is free.

This article, “What Should I do After an Accicent?” is offered for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.  If you have questions or feel you may need a personal injury lawyer, please contact us here, to learn more about your options with no upfront costs.