As the Coronavirus pandemic continues problems have come up in regards of availability to the courts as they try to steer family problems. With families trying to be cautious visitation refusals have become a big problem. While many might feel like visitation refusal is the way to protect their family there are still repercussions to refusing visitation due to Covid-19.  Problems with visitation and custody battles during the Coronavirus crisis are universal, as demonstrated in this article on how California courts and family practitioners are handling these issues.


The Connecticut family law practitioners has come a consensus that refusing to follow visitation schedules or out right custody violations is wrong.  It is not recommended for a non-custodial parent is refusing to return their child to the custodial parent, and is citing coronavirus dangers as the reasoning. These types of actions can result in the court imposing fines or even contempt related incarceration on you. You can still follow any emergency orders given by your Governor while still being able to meet the court ordered visitation orders. You just want to make sure that you are taking extra precautions when it comes to safe handling of your homes. You will want to follow the proper protocols in order to protect you, your children, and anyone that is around you.


As the Connecticut courts have reopened and proceed with virtual hearings, your actions in these times can be brought to the court for review under motions for contempt and modifications. The court might take harsh actions against the parties who are not acting in the best interests of the child. It should be noted that the best interests review will be not using today’s current view. Rather they will be looking back in time to determine if the actions now were wrongfully taken in haste. When you act now you will need to think if your actions will be viewed as the best interest of your children. After we all look back to see how we did or did not act better to protect your children and everyone.


As parents, you will need to come together and co-parent for the best interests of their children. Having strong communication channels between parents is key. If having visitation does increases the child’s possible exposure to the coronavirus infection then your visitation plain may need to be temporary revised. For example if the visitation requires any air travel or travel to a Coronavirus hot spots then the need to modify your visitation is vital. Instead of face to face visits, you might want to can increase the use of video conferencing apps or Facetime with the children. This can help the other parent can put any of their fears at ease and improve relations among the family. You do not want to assume that you know what is best for your child. Instead you should work together as a team with the other parent and hear each other’s opinions and suggestions. Find a middle ground that will work so both parties feel comfortable and are somewhat happy with the new situation.

These suggestions will not work when one parent refuses to properly comply with orders in place. If a parent is refusing to meet court ordered support and/ or alimony payments then it will not only hurt them but the child. Withholding your children from the other parent as a vengeance tool can result in hurting both you and your children. Judges will not take kindly to the parent(s) who are taking advantage of the current crisis situation we are in. If a parent is withholding support or visitation then that may result in them being held in contempt. Battling parents can only negatively impact the children. Your children watch everything you do and, especially as they get older, may resent your actions later. You don’t want ruin a lifetime relationship with your child over a wrongful action now.


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