Enjoy your weekend but keep in mind some tips on avoiding accidents and personal injury this Memorial Day Weekend and the rest of the summer. Memorial Day is a time to reflect on those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country.  That alone has deep rooted meaning for most of us.  But it has also become the kickoff to summer, at least here in Connecticut.  Parties abound as people gather to celebrate the return of warm weather and sunshine.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying your weekend, the holiday and the vacation you decide to take this summer.  But if you do so safely, you can enjoy more of them.

Avoiding accidents and personal injury

Avoiding accidents and personal injury

Prepare ahead and Leave Early

You aren’t the only one who will be heading to destination celebrations this Memorial Day weekend.  To minimize the impact from others on the road, prepare ahead and leave early.  Pack anything you need ahead of time and be sure your auto has a full tank, or is charged and is ready to go.  Most importantly, plan to leave early to avoid rushing in heavy traffic to reach your destination.

When you load the vehicle, make sure you have everything secured so it doesn’t roll around the vehicle while you drive.  Loose objects underfoot can be a dangerous distraction. Pack an emergency kit with blanket, road flares, snacks and water. And absolutely make sure you have a charger for each phone and tablet you are bringing on the trip.

Avoid Distractions

You might expect us to remind you never text while driving, but many drivers are distracted by other things too. Clicking seatbelts on the fly, adjusting mirrors, or turning to yell at the kids to stop fighting, are all accident triggers. So, before you get behind the wheel, make sure  the tablets and headphones are ready for the kids to use. That goes double for checking and adjusting side and rear-view mirrors.

Drive Defensively

Take a deep breath and stay calm.  Obey the traffic laws and yield to others.  Leave room between drivers in front of you so you have more time to react to unexpected moves and last minute turns. Remember, other drivers are in a rush to reach their destinations on holidays. Being aware, especially at traffic lights, is key to avoiding accidents and personal injury this Memorial Day weekend.

Being Rested is Great for Avoiding Accidents and Personal Injury

As people get excited about getting away for the holiday weekend, they stay up worrying over details. But drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. In fact, the symptoms of exhaustion are similar to those of driving under the influence of alcohol. Reaction time and focus are both impaired.

Take Breaks

Make stops on longer trips to exit the vehicle and move around. Just getting your blood flowing will help you be more alert. Stop and see some sights to break up long trips.  It makes the trip more memorable and the change in attention will refresh your focus.

Designate a Driver

Drinking and driving is deadly. Make the smart choice and line up a sober driver, or DD if you will be drinking. Holidays are great times to share with friends and family. Summer refreshments add to the festivities, as long as you drink responsibly.  So enjoy.  Stay safe.

If someone else causes an accident, call or contact Attorney Keith Anthony. An experienced personal injury attorney like Keith Anthony can ensure you’re compensated when avoiding accidents and personal injury aren’t possible.