Divorce can be a difficult time in your life—even when both sides work together to minimize stress and confrontation. Divorce is often just as traumatizing as the death of a family member. That’s why it’s crucial that you take care of yourself during this time. For many people, the tendency is to put on a brave face and wait for the storm to pass. By acknowledging your feelings and setting aside time for yourself, you can begin the healing process.

1. Lean on Love One’s:

Hopefully, you have reliable support system of friends and family members that are able to provide emotional support during this time. Some tend to feel nervous about of burdening other people with your feelings, but chances are, they want to be there for you. Many people don’t know the right thing to say when a loved one is getting divorced, so be vocal about what you need. Reach out to them if you need someone to listen to you vent, if you need to get out of the house and get a meal, or if you want support during an attorney meeting.

2. Schedule Time for Your Physical Health

It is common for people to neglect their physical health during divorce. During this time the emotional pain you are going through can overwhelms the body’s need to sleep, eat, and move. You might also find yourself going through “the divorce diet” which consists of barely eating. A way to combat this is to put alarms on your phone to remind yourself to eat. You should also take time to go for a walk every day. If you have some pent-up anger to let out, this might be a good time to try kickboxing or another physically demanding type of exercise.

3. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Divorce also puts an enormous mental strain on an individual. Luckily there are lots of ways you can nurture your mental and emotional health during this time. If you’re struggling to process or handle your feelings, you might consider seeing a counselor to help you through this transition. Visit the library and pick up books on healing from divorce and discovering yourself.

4. Leave Breathing Room in Your Schedule

One of the most crucial things to do during a divorce is to go easy on yourself. It is common to throw yourself into work or caring for your children. This is tends to be a way to bury your own pain. Sitting with your emotions can be difficult, but it’s a necessary part of healing. If there’s any wiggle room in your schedule, avoid filling it with extra tasks. Take naps when needed, care for your body with healthy food, and spend time on hobbies that feed your soul. Divorce is hard, but you can make it easier by trusting a professional with your legal needs.

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