Thanks to TV, movies, and pop culture you are likely to picture a divorce, being spouses screaming at each other in a courtroom, fighting over custody cases and prized assets. We tend to think of something confrontational and emotional. This can often be a worry for someone going through the divorce process.

Now the scenario listed above isn’t the only path when it comes to divorce. Now if it isn’t obvious, not all marriages are the same, so it should be expected that all divorces will be different. You should find something that works best for you.

Mediation is a fantastic choice and is an alternative divorce process. This process typically involves the assistance of a mediator, who will serve as a neutral go-between for each spouse. Here are some of the pros to mediation:

  • Easier on your children. No one wants to drag their  kids through the stress of court hearings.  Mediation can be more peaceful, and as it’s generally faster. This will make the divorce process go by quick so it won’t weigh down on your children for a long time .
  • It allows you to maintain better relationships. Many couples that end up fighting in court during the divorce process end up ruining their relationship. This can also be harmful to the children. Mediation can allow you and your spouse to build an open and civil partnership that can lead to a long-lasting relationship for the sake of your kids.
  • You can get results faster. Mediation generally takes less time than court proceedings. When you are working directly with your spouse, you are able to come to an agreeable solution a lot quicker.
  • You don’t have to appear in court. Mediation is that it eliminates court hearings. Instead of going to court, you will meet directly with your spouse and the mediator to determine how to divide assets and create parenting plans for your children. This will allow you more freedom and control to reach the decisions you genuinely want.
  • It’s more private. Court cases and records are open to the public, and anyone could access the private secrets during your divorce. Mediation, on the other hand, takes place outside the court. This will ensure much more privacy. You will be able to protect yourself during this difficult time.

Mediation doesn’t leave significant decisions up to a judge, making it a preferable choice for many divorcing couples today. When choosing mediation, you are able to focus on the essential parts of the divorce without the stress of a courtroom.

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