My Search for a Personal Injury Law Firm near me, brought me to attorney Keith Anthony just in time.  I was in constant pain, and needed more medical care well beyond the post-accident emergency treatment.  Yet the insurance company kept telling me until we agreed on the amount, they couldn’t pay any medical visits.  I work at a small firm and my health insurance covers catastrophic expenses, but until then the cost was going to be out of pocket and my pocket couldn’t cover much more.

I was getting worried because I couldn’t settle until I knew the full costs for medical and lost work time.  As anyone who has been injured, whether in a vehicular accident or at work knows, the path to recovery is frustrating and time consuming.  Work was out of the question for at least several more weeks and I was panicking. Meanwhile, giving in and accepting a low settlement offer seemed the only way to cover cost of living expenses.

Personal Injury Law Firm Near Me

Personal Injury Law Firm Near Me

Finding A Lawyer Who Makes Sure I Understand the Process

I talked to friends, but the attorneys they recommended acted condescending, and didn’t explain anything.  Ultimately, in a search for a personal injury law firm near me, I came across Attorney Keith Anthony in Groton CT. I wish I had understood from the beginning why it is so important to contact a personal injury attorney like Attorney Keith Anthony at once. Finally, there is an attorney who takes the time to explain the options. I wouldn’t even have to pay him until the settlement came through.

Know the Steps to Take Following An Accident

An Accident shakes people up.  If you experience one, you might not be thinking clearly about what to do first.  The first steps following an accident should be conducted by order of priority.

Get Medical Attention First

Even if you think you are fine, a medical professional should check you out.  The injuries you sustained affect or impair your judgement. Once you know you are free of life threatening injuries you can follow the rest of the steps.

File a Police Report

I now know there are specific steps to take to protect yourself in the case of an accident.  After the first step, seeking medical attention, accident victims should contact the police.  Besides getting the accident on record, statements by each party and witness on the scene offer freshly seen details.

Get Pictures of the Accident Scene

Another thing injured people sometimes forget is to take pictures of the accident from multiple angles. Sure, the police will do this, but having your own photos for your attorney is important too. They will also help supply clues to the extent of damages and fault.

Call Attorney Keith Anthony

Contact counsel at once for help completing post-accident actions. From the beginning, a competent personal injury attorney like Keith Anthony makes a difference throughout the entire process.

Get Improved Settlement Options from the Right Personal Injury Law Firm Near Me

A personal injury attorney has the edge in determining a case value, the defendant’s liability and the right way to mount a claim. Attorney Keith Anthony knows the applicable law and insurance coverages that affect how to frame the claim.

Medical Bill Repayment Reduction

I wanted to go right to the settlement expectations, but there is more to consider. When you get the settlement, your medical bill repayment could eat more than you expected.  A personal injury attorney like Attorney Keith Anthony, can make an enormous difference through reduced medical bill repayment amounts.

This was something I wasn’t even aware of when I searched for a personal injury law firm near me.  It is important to understand the broader repercussions of having the right representation.  For me, and for others in Connecticut, the choice is clearly Attorney Keith Anthony.