How Long for an Accident Settlement is as Varied as Collisions Are

Accident victims want to know how long for an accident settlement in Connecticut.  The answers vary, like the accidents that start the claims.  The statute of limitations in CT, allows claimants to file up to two years from the date of the injury.  Once the suit is filed and accepted by the court there are other factors. If the insurance company negotiates in good faith, and the injury is obviously a direct result of the accident, the negotiations might be done in three to six months…or not.  Nothing is sure in a car accident settlement case.  Anything you do, or neglect to do, can cost time and money.  Still, you can take steps that improve your accident settlement outcome.

How long for accident settlement

How long for accident settlement

See a Doctor Immediately to Treat And Document Your Injury

The costs associated with treating the injury or injuries you incurred in the accident will make up the greatest portion of your claim.  See a doctor right away to treat and document injuries incurred in the accident.  Make sure you document and track  all of your expenses related to treatment of your personal injury from the accident.

Call an Attorney Who Handles Accident Settlements

Call Attorney Keith Anthony quickly following an accident in Guilford CT.  Having representation right away can protect you from lowball offers and missteps. Once you’re represented by Attorney Keith Anthony, don’t speak with different insurance companies.  Refer all accident related correspondence to your attorney.  This is important because insurance companies and their attorneys may try to go around your attorney to offer a lowball car accident settlement.  What you say to an adjuster can be used against you in negotiations, so be cautious.  With an attorney representing you, you can respond to all calls, emails and letters promptly, with the contact information for your attorney.

Get an Estimate for Your Vehicle

Once your own injuries have been seen and treated by a doctor, consider your vehicle’s condition.  If it is not totaled, take it to your local dealership approved by your insurance company for an estimate of repairs.

Avoid Speaking With The Insurance Company or Their Attorneys.

Saying the wrong thing to adjustors, insurance claim handlers and attorneys can delay, reduce or damage your claim. Before you hire an attorney, avoid long conversations with the insurance company.  Even something you feel is harmless to your case,might be used against you later.  Once you do have an accident attorney, just refer all case calls to them.

Remember, insurance companies may advertise a quick easy claims process, but endless obstacles often prevent the compensation you deserve.  In fact, the larger the damages are, the more obstacles pop up to block your accident settlement.

Accident Settlements are What Keith Anthony Does

Attorney Keith Anthony and his office have experience negotiating accident settlements.  We know the routes insurance attorneys often take to delay or avoid large payouts, and have counter measures.  We know our clients deserve to be treated fairly and we will work to make sure you get just compensation.  Because cases are unique, we can’t name accident settlement timeline, but we can work to make it a fair amount, paid timely.

When you are in a car accident in Guilford, CT, you need the attorney who tells it to you straight.  You need Keith Anthony, an experienced accident attorney who cares, and who is driven to help people in a fair way.  A former marine, Attorney Keith Anthony has a strong work ethic and drive.  Protect yourself with a top accident lawyer in Connecticut, Keith Anthony.