Nowadays we are constantly leaving an electronic footprint behind due to our phones and laptops, but what about our vehicles. If you have purchased a new car in the last decade then it is likely that the car is equipped with some type of GPS/ Navigation software. This has led to electronic data being an important role in an increasing number of criminal cases. Law enforcement officials use different methods to collect data about suspects. This includes things like where they have traveled, the people they may have contacted or associated with. While many people are aware of the risks that their personal information might be accessed through their cell phones, they are not as aware of the fact that their vehicles may also be collecting information that can be accessed by law enforcement.

The Types of Data That Can be Collected by Vehicles:

Over the past decade vehicle technology has continued to modernize. The computer systems on a modern vehicle can actually store a great deal of information that could be used to track a person’s movements and activities. A car’s telematics system is able to track the speed at which a vehicle has traveled, when headlights were switched on and off, when doors were opened, when seat belts were used, and much more. When this information is combined with the information from a vehicle’s navigation system, it can paint a pretty clear picture. This may allow law enforcement to determine the locations a person has visited, whether they were carrying passengers, and when they stopped or exited their vehicle.

Many modern cars come equipped with infotainment systems, like Apple Car Play, that allow drivers or passengers to pair smartphones or other electronic devices to the vehicle. This allows them to make phone calls, or use GPS navigation apps while driving. Are you aware that when you pair your mobile device to your vehicle, the car will actually download a great deal of information. This includes things like contact lists, call logs, text messages, navigation history. While this might sound somewhat standard because those things can be utilized hands free when driving. Well what about your emails, pictures, videos, and social media activity? Bet you didn’t think those things got downloaded, but they do.  In some cases, the infotainment systems do not provide strong security, and this may allow law enforcement to gather information that would normally be protected on a person’s cell phone.

Like we mentioned earlier, many are aware of how much information is on their phone and computer, but now also have to consider your vehicle. Our vehicles are now able to tell a lot of information about us that goes beyond just where we went to last.

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