Gun laws are meant to protect anyone, resident of the state of Connecticut or not. If you break any gun rules and regulations then that can land you in some serious trouble. If you carry a handgun without a permit then you can be sentenced to a maximum five-year prison term, require you to pay a fine of $5,000 and mandate that you undergo three years of probation.

So if you are a gun owner or plan on owning a gun, then you should know all of the penalties you could face if you break any gun laws in Connecticut. Here are the gun laws you should know:

Connecticut gun laws

In the state of Connecticut you will need to have a permit to own, carry and operate a firearm. It takes about 60 days to obtain a permit in Connecticut, and you must also qualify for the permit. This means that you must undergo special training under a certified firearm instructor to confirm that you can handle a gun. You also should not have a criminal record and must be a legal resident of the U.S.

When it comes to carrying a gun you can actually carry a gun almost anywhere except a school property, a building with a general assembly officer or employee, a place of business where you are an employee, and any other place where firearms are prohibited. If you are someone that has a gun them most of the time it is important to know where you are going and understand if you are prohibited from bringing a gun there.

Did you know that you still need a permit to take a gun out of your house? This includes if you are still on your own property. So don’t think just because you are on your property that you can have a gun without a permit. You will also need a permit for any time you are traveling with your gun, this includes if you are in your car.

Connecticut gun penalties:

Weapons violations in Connecticut include:

  • Using or possessing a gun when you have a felony conviction
  • Possessing a stolen firearm
  • The unlawful sale, manufacture or transportation of guns
  • Unlawfully firing your weapon
  • Carrying, purchasing or operating a gun without a permit
  • Carrying a firearm when under the influence of a drug

The penalties for a weapon charge in Connecticut include:

  • Three years in prison and a fine of $500 for unlawfully carrying a gun
  • Three-year jail term and a $250 fine for unlawfully discharging your weapon
  • One-year prison sentence and $2,000 fine for carrying a gun when under the influence
  • Five to eight more years in prison if you are a felon with a firearm

If you have a gun in Connecticut or are considering getting one, you will need to understand the laws clearly to avoid getting in costly trouble. If you don’t understand anything, you could make consultations to understand more about your rights as a gun holder.

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