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Personal injuries occur every day in Connecticut. Various causes and events leave the victims struggling to pick up the pieces and continue living as best as they can; some families even lose loved ones in personal injury accidents and struggle to live life without them. When you or a loved one suffer a personal injury accident in Groton, Connecticut, you need a skilled and experienced Groton Personal Injury Attorney to protect your rights and help you rebuild your life.

The thriving New England community of Groton, Connecticut, lies between the Thames and Mystic Rivers, midway between Providence and New Haven. Boasting a long and proud history of shipbuilding and national defense, Groton is also home to a vibrant food scene, coastal charm and many different styles of living. Boston and New York City are easily accessible by rail.

Such a varied culture and environment is ripe for accidents that cause personal injury. From car accidents to slips and falls, injuries from defective products to medical malpractice – when you sustain injuries due to negligence, Personal Injury Attorney Keith Anthony can help. As a former Judge Advocate Lawyer in the United States Marines and civilian attorney, Keith Anthony has the skills, experience and expertise to help you rebuild your life after a personal injury accident in Groton. Contact his office today for a free consultation to review your case.

Get Help with Various Personal Injuries in Groton, CT

Every personal injury is as unique as the victim and circumstances surrounding it. Every case is different and will have numerous variables. This can make personal injury cases complex. Who was at fault? Is more than a single party liable? What about dealing with insurance companies? Are there conflicting accounts of the events surrounding the accident?

A seasoned Personal Injury Attorney in Groton can sift through these and other challenges to gather the facts and pursue justice for you. Often, you may be eligible to recover compensation for any damages you sustain in the accident, including medical needs, lost wages and more.

The most common causes of personal injuries in Groton include:

  • Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Pedestrian Accidents– Speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, weather conditions and more can leave victims with serious injuries, questionable outcomes and uncertain futures.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents– Loose debris, wet floors, ill-maintained parking areas, icy sidewalks and more can cause injuries that impact your ability to work, care for yourself and maintain an acceptable quality of life.
  • Medical Malpractice– When medical professionals with a high duty of care make mistakes that cause injury to their patients in Groton, they should be held accountable. You are also entitled to pursue compensation to help you recover from the injuries they cause.
  • Product Liability– Consumers can be injured from everyday products that were poorly designed or manufactured. If a bad design or manufacturing mistake causes you harm, Attorney Keith Anthony can pursue a personal injury lawsuit to help you recover and pick up the pieces of your life.

Other common personal injuries can occur from assaults, swimming pool mishaps, work accidents and more. Personal injuries can alter your life in significant ways, sometimes making life-long changes to your lifestyle, career, relationships and quality of life. Groton Personal Injury Attorney Keith Anthony can provide sound advice and aggressive legal representation if you suffer an accident in Groton. Contact his office at (860) 782-6393 and ask for your free consultation.

Help Throughout Your Personal Injury Case

After suffering a personal injury, your primary focus should be on your recovery. You may face numerous medical treatments, surgeries, therapies and rehabilitation that will require all your time and attention. A Groton Injury Lawyer like Keith Anthony can handle the details of protecting your rights and pursuing a personal injury claim.

Attorney Keith Anthony is a skilled negotiator who can deal with insurance companies on your behalf when a settlement is on the table. He will not accept quick, lowball offers when you clearly deserve more. He is also an effective litigator who can aggressively pursue your case before the courts to ensure you are given fair consideration for adequate compensation.

Keith Anthony is the Groton Personal Injury Attorney you can trust to be by your side through every step of your recovery and legal pursuit of compensation. He and his team will not rest until you receive what you deserve and are well on your way to rebuilding your life.

Meet with a Groton Personal Injury Attorney Today

When you or a loved one suffer a personal injury in Groton due to the negligence of another person or entity, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses. Contact Groton Injury Lawyer Keith Anthony today at (860) 782-6393 or message us online to schedule a free confidential consultation.