If When you are injured on the job, you don’t need just any attorney. When you are injured on the job, you need a Connecticut injury expert. You need an attorney who is experienced in personal injury law. For years, attorney Keith Anthony, found in Groton Connecticut, has helped injury clients receive the compensation they deserve. Regardless of state or federal court, Attorney Keith Anthony has been there, and knows the process as well as the nuances of personal injury cases. In fact, if you are looking for a Connecticut injury expert, you won’t find better than Attorney Keith Anthony.

Worker Compensation

Workers often feel they should complete and submit the forms themselves. But damages from an injury on the job are rarely limited to doctor bills. Attorney Keith Anthony can help you better understand your costs, needs and just compensation. Besides medical treatment costs, there are also lost wages, future care requirements and non-medical expenses resulting from those injuries. Depending on how serious the injuries are, there may also be care planning essential to moving forward.

Connecticut injury expert

Seeking help from a Connecticut Injury Expert

Accident on the Job

Employees often feel a loyalty to their employer, and express a feeling that the company will take care of them. But generally, employees receive only the compensation that their claim specifies. To prevent claims from exceeding the worker compensation collection, the agency and employers in the state coordinate efforts to return employees to work. Without knowing what to include when you fill out injury compensation forms, you could miss benefits you are entitled to receive.

Turning to a Connecticut Injury Expert for a Slip and Fall Outside Work

An accident can injure you even in the home of a friend or associate. We’ve all seen the liability part of homeowners insurance. If you are injured on someone else’s property due to a hazard, consult Attorney Keith Anthony. Whether you an actual slip and fall injures you, or a trip, bump, stumble or other, you could be entitled to compensation.

Regardless of which Connecticut injury expert you consult, determining whether the property owner was negligent is a likely first action. Answers to several questions, like the following, will make a difference in compensation. Did the owner foresee your presence, or did you surprise them with a visit?  Did the homeowner invite you, or did you trespass?  There are many questions Attorney Keith Anthony will sort through, to determine potential compensation for your injuries.

Product Liability

Consumers can hold manufacturers and retailers accountable for dangerous product defects thanks to the Connecticut products liability act. (Find details in Connecticut General Statutes §52-572m). Today, consumers can hold manufacturers, retailers, and others liable for negligence or breach of warranty with less requirements. There are common practices for supplying safe products, and failure to follow these practices could be ruled negligence. When consumbers buy a product in Connecticut, the warranty is either an expressed or implied promise. Product failure can be seen as a breach of that promise.

Types of Defects in Products

Product defects that apply in product liability fall into three categories. First, there is a design defect, in which the core design is so flawed the product could not possibly work safely, regardless of manufacturing excellence. A manufacturing defect is when an engineer designs a sound product but the manufacturer improperly assembles or produces the product. A Marketing defect refers to deficient labeling, such as missing warnings, incorrect or incomplete instructions, and or poor packaging.

In Connecticut, injury victims must file product defect suits within three years of the date the victim suffers or discovers an injury or loss. The window to collect evidence of the defect and resultant harm as quickly as possible. Consulting with a Connecticut injury expert will reveal procedural steps. Consulting with Attorney Keith Anthony will reveal how driven he is to ensure you receive fair compensation for the injury you suffered. One call will tell you what you need to know to decide whether to pursue your case. Call (860) 333-6455 or contact Attorney Keith Anthony to set up your consultation call today.