Child support determination is part of any divorce involving minor children. In most cases, one parent is required to pay child support to the other parent to assist with the costs of raising the child including shelter, food and clothes etc. Courts follow state guidelines to determine child support as part of the divorce proceedings. If the parent who is required to pay child support (obligor) falls behind in his or her payments  or is not paying them at all to the other parent (obligee), the past due amount is treated as a debt that must be repaid by law.

What Happens If You Fail To Pay Back Child Support?

However, in Connecticut failure to pay child support can lead to a motion for contempt being filed with penalties as severe as incarceration.  Court do not look favorably on the non-payment of child support and generally are not willing to show much latitude to the party who is behind on their support obligation.  Additionally, the failure to pay child support can involve Federal law.  If you travel, your passport may be flagged on exit or re-entry into the United States which could lead to your detention.  Further, any pension plans such as Social Security and Military retirement can be garnished for past due child support.

What Steps Can You Take If You Owe Back Child Support?

If your financial circumstances have changed and you are having trouble meeting your child support obligations, you can go to the court and explain your circumstances.

You should consult an attorney and discuss what options you may have.  You should not wait and just let an arrearage of past due child support accumulate.  The sooner you take action the greater your chances become of a successful outcome.  Typically, this means filing a motion to modify your child support due to a decrease in your income such as losing your job.  If you income has decreased at least 15% there is a good chance there will be some modification to a lower amount of child support.  It is important to try and continue to pay your court ordered amount until that ordered changes.

To get control of your back child support situation, you may need the assistance of an experienced Connecticut family law attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Keith Anthony at (860) 333-6455. Attorney Keith Anthony can help you navigate thru this process, step by step.