1. A Good Car Accident Lawyer Fights for Your Rights

A car accident lawyer, or personal injury attorney fights on your behalf from the beginning. After a car accident, victims are especially vulnerable while trying to recover from injuries. In spite of that, during this period, insurance companies often begin negotiations.  A good car accident lawyer will protect and represent you, while you focus on recuperation and rehabilitation.

You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

2. Knowledge of Personal Injury Law

Without specialized legal training, you won’t know how to apply laws to your injury specifics.  You may not even understand legal injury case terminology. Experienced personal injury attorney Keith Anthony knows injury law.  He knows the terminology, how to apply comparative fault and much more.  Just as important, attorney Keith Anthony can quickly find the relevant issues about your case, and knows when the statute of limitations expires. When dealing with personal injury law, it is not just about winning your case, but about achieving fair compensation for your injuries.

3. The Right Compensation You’re Entitled to Receive

You want reimbursement for missed work and medical bills, but you may be entitled to more. Attorney Keith Anthony knows how to accurately determine the compensation a personal injury victim is entitled to receive. For instance, aside from medical expenses and lost wages, you could be due compensation for other matters. You might be eligible for compensation for  pain and suffering, care repairs, physical therapy, loss of consortium or other issues. Your car accident lawyer will subpoena for certified medical expense records to introduce at trial, or in arbitration. Many claimants don’t know to do this, but Attorney Keith Anthony does.  He adds value to your case at each step.

4. Proving Liability

You or your attorney must prove your personal injury claim. For the court or arbitrator to rule in favor of compensation, your claim must be supported by evidence. Even if the accident report states the other driver was at fault, it could be difficult to prove they were negligent. This is called “breach of duty of care“, and it calls for a higher level of proof of liability. This and other factors combine to win a car accident lawsuit. Attorney Keith Anthony may need to supply other case references and citations critical to support your claim. Because he is experienced in personal injury law, Attorney Anthony is fluent on applicable case history for your case.

5. A Car Accient Lawyer is Experienced in Gathering Case Evidence

The police take the accident report on the scene, but your car accident lawyer conducts a thorough investigation. This way, your lawyer can collect enough evidence to show your injuries result from the accident. Since that evidence is to prove your claim, this step should be carried out proficiently and professionally.

The evidence your lawyer collects includes but isn’t limited to the following:

  • Video footage from nearby security cameras, or witnesses.
  • Accident scene photos from traffic cameras or witnesses
  • Cell phone photos
  • The accident report
  • Witness statements
  • Medical records

Sometimes, experts are called in to reconstruct the accident, using the collected evidence. All of the evidentiary steps are detail reliant, time consuming, and absolutely vital to supporting your case.  Having a licensed attorney oversee collection of it can add value and substance to your case.

6. Filing The Court Case And Subsequent Motions

A licensed attorney makes sure cases are more successful because they are correctly filed in the first place. If negotiations don’t result in the settlement you hoped, your case may need to progress to the courtroom. If you don’t file the initial claim correctly with attached exhibits, the judge could rule unfavorably on your claim. But a  series of answers and motions that must also be filed correctly and timely follows the initial claim. Not responding, or filing a late response can cost your claim.

If your attorney is Keith Anthony, you’re well cared for.  That’s because Attorney Anthony knows how and when to file each response or motion. If you try to file your own claim, insurance companies may put pressure on you to succumb to inadequate settlements. Your car accident lawyer by your side can protect you from the other parties to the case. Contact Attorney Keith Anthony here for your free case evaluation.

Please note: This article is for general information purposes only and is not meant to be construed as legal advice. Only an attorney licensed in your state can offer you legal advice, and only after talking with you and gathering specific information about your situation. If, after reading the general information in this article, you think that you need legal assistance, please contact a lawyer in your area.